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Birthday Parties

Happy Birthday! We have a huge selection of party supplies to celebrate that special birthday! Check out our huge selection below! You can even search by birthday "milestone" to find perfect milestone birthday party supplies in a flash!
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Children’s birthday parties need games to make them sparkle. While it’s popular these days to pay clowns, magicians and other performers to entertain juvenile guests, that only turns children into passive observers. Don't they spend enough time sitting and watching already? Birthday party games invite children to interact! Birthday games can be wildly entertaining at adult parties as well. This website has links to supplies for entertaining party games and to party supplies that will turn every birthday party a memorable event.

The classic interactive birthday party game is the treasure hunt. It can be played as a solo adventure or in teams, and it has the further merit of being customizable for many age groups. Start out making a treasure chest. Use a shoebox and cover it with colorful metallic foil and fill it with age-appropriate treasures. For children, these treasures may include foil-covered chocolate coins, other candy and small toys. For teens, iTunes gift cards, guitar picks and trendy, inexpensive jewelry work well.

Next, think about where to stash the clues. Younger children should not be allowed to leave the backyard of the home where the party is taking place, but teens can range farther. Eight clues is the ideal number. Each clue gives information about where the next clue will be found. The clues can be as easy or as arcane as the clue deviser likes. Next, compile a treasure map where X marks the spot of the clues and the treasure chest. Time the hunt. When the treasure chest is found, make sure all guests share the goodies inside.

Memory tests are also engaging birthday party games. Put some familiar objects on a tray and give the party guests a minute to memorize them all. Then cover the tray. Each guest must then recite the name of one unique item on the tray. If a guest can’t name an item or repeats an item, he or she is out of the guessing.

A popular adult birthday party game is the Celebrity Interview. One guest chooses a celebrity, and the other guests take turns interviewing that person to determine just who that celebrity is. In an occasionally contentious variation on this game, guests have the names of celebrities pinned on their backs when they arrive at the party and other guests are instructed to treat them like that celebrity. At the end of the party, guests must give their best guess as to whom they were impersonating. Appropriate prizes are then awarded.

Birthday parties are more than just cakes, candles and passive entertainment. Explore this website for tips and party supplies that will make every birthday party a standout event.