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You are cordially invited to shop for invitations and cards at! We carry hundreds of invitations, thank you cards and more, so you can find a style and theme that works for you! For fast shopping, you can narrow your search using the "Shop By" filter at the left of the page.
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Wedding Card Box
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For a while, it looked as though invitations might be going out of style. Email and Facebook make it very easy to summon visitors with little or no foresight or planning on a presumptive host’s part. But, that’s the difference between party guests and a ravaging hoard. Party guests are invited. This website stocks creative invitations and cards for every festive occasion as well as party supplies to make that party an event to remember.

What does the perfect party invitation look like? It can’t sound boring. It can’t make the prospective guest think, “But gee, that’s the night I wanted go over my utility statements from last year.” It has to promise excitement, fabulous-ness, something new and different. This all has to be conveyed in the invitation.

An invitation should always include the reason why the celebration is being held and a request for a response, whether yea or nay. This website stocks invitations for birthdays, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette festivities, graduation bashes, retirement get-togethers and a whole lot more. Specifics like the date, time and place of the gathering, the name of the host and appropriate attire are generally appended in ink. Keep in mind, too, that invitations to formal occasion, such as weddings, always use the third person and are mailed out a good eight weeks before the date of the special event.

Greeting cards are a personal way to wish family and friends well on special occasions. Cards are also the traditional accompaniments to gifts. While many these days pass over the traditional Christmas card, opting instead for the high-tech email screen flash, a physical card is an expression of affection that can be held in one’s hand, a tangible way to let people know they are remembered and cherished.

There’s an etiquette that goes along with sending greeting cards. Christmas cards may be mailed any time after Thanksgiving but should not be sent to anyone who will be receiving an actual gift. The card should be inserted into the envelope face up so it’s easy for the recipient to see what it is. Resist the impulse to include lengthy newsletters to any but the closest family and friends. Don’t put things like confetti in envelopes. What seems festive to the sender may mean fifteen minutes with the vacuum cleaner for the receiver.

Remember that not everyone celebrates the religious aspects of Christmas, and make sure that non-sectarian friends are on the receiving end of non-sectarian cards.

This website has a huge assortment of invitations and cards for every occasion, plus party supplies when the time grows near for the big event itself.