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Casino Night Party Ideas

Throw a Casino Night or bump your regular card game up a notch with these playing card and casino-themed party supplies! Your guests will love the grown-up theme that promises a fun and exciting evening.
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When hosting a casino-themed party, the list of casino theme party ideas is only limited by the imagination of the host. Of course, it doesn't hurt to find a list of ideas on the Internet to supplement that imagination. Hosting a casino style party involves a lot of planning in advance. The host/hostess is going to need to determine the types of games that will be played and who will run the games. He or she will also need to determine the food that will be served. Prizes are the final piece of the puzzle. To tie all of this together, decorations and supplies need to be purchased to make the location the party is being held at resemble a casino in Las Vegas.

It's not a casino party without gambling games. The host or hostess may choose to ask friends and family to volunteer to run the games. They might also hire a company to provide the supplies and run the games. Games such as blackjack, craps and roulette are classic selections for a casino party. With the popularity of the World Series of Poker, poker games have become popular as well. The casino party can have a poker table as part of the games, or the entire party can be centered around a large poker tournament. Whatever games are offered, keeping the guests fed will help make their losses easier to swallow, even when playing with play money.

Food selections should be kept relatively simple. Serve food at the party that can be consumed while playing the casino games or walking around instead of sitting at a dining table. This means finger foods such as small sandwiches, meatballs on toothpicks, hot dogs and other easy to eat dishes. For dessert, small pieces of cake or chocolate are easily consumed at the tables while admiring the casino-themed decorations and supplies transforming the room into a casino.

The final piece of the puzzle for casino theme party ideas is prizes. When guests arrive at the party, give them play money to gamble with. Award prizes at the end of the party based on a couple of different prize themes. The first is awarding prizes to the players with the most play money at the end of the night. Turn the prize ceremony into additional entertainment for the guests by conducting an auction at the end of the night using the play money. That way everyone stays involved. Try a mix of large and small prizes so even people with small amounts of play money might win the small prize auctions. Even if some of the guests don't win prizes, they will feel they were involved in the prize ceremony that way.